Kundurà is a handcrafted shoe brand, founded in 2019 by Abdullah Bilal. With the motto ‘back to origin’ Kundurà’s goal is to offer a new perception of shoes that had been there thru the years.

Kundurà is the reflection of our mutual passion, attention to detail and all the amazing experiences that life gave us.

We are inspired by all the shoemakers who have lived before us. It’s them who used to call handmade leather shoes: Kundurà. Today we want to pay a homage and continue to tell the rich history of what this word means. Our aim is to tell these rich stories from the past to the future, through handmade and comfortable classic shoes. We asked ourselves these simple questions.

The answers to these questions have led us dream about an Istanbul gentleman skating with comfortable classic shoes.

We made the most comfortable sole we can make for a kundura.We used molds developed for foot health together with calfskin and eva sole. We made artworks that unite with Istanbul. We enjoy these artworks.